We love food and care about how it is produced, the quality, the taste and value for money. The aim is: to support and use local, organic, seasonal and sustainable produce where possible, work with other independent, local and UK suppliers. Animal welfare is an important part of our philosophy. Global produce, where it is feasible, is fairtrade and co-operatives are used. The following list illustrates the points we take into account for everything bought, made and offered to you.

  • UK produce
  • Free-range
  • Organic
  • Fairtrade
  • EU produce
  • Collective or community venture
  • Seasonal
  • Recycled/recyclable or biodegradeable packaging

To tick all the boxes all of the time is pretty hard to achieve. However, every effort is made to tick as many as we can and keep the costs down, so that you can have simply delicious carefully sourced food. Local, other small independent suppliers and seasonal produce off set globally sourced ingredients. It is also vital that fairtrade producers globally are supported to ensure that their own local communities earn living wages and able to develop and flourish. So we aim to take a balanced view.

Other factors:
5p in every £1.00 profit made will go to support a charity. The aim is to support a charity for a 12mth period at a time. The charity for 2015-6 is Alzheimers Society.

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